Breaking Down the Climate Crisis: A Comprehensive Series of Science, Effects, and Actions for a Greener World

In our blog series dedicated to the climate crisis, we will discuss the urgent issue of the climate change crisis and its impact on our planet in brief and easily digestible chunks. The posts will explore different facets of the climate crisis, including the science behind it, the environmental and social effects it is having, and hopefully individual actions and solutions we might undertake to mitigate and adapt to it. The aim of the Green Pixel series is to provide you with accessible information, empowering you to gain a better understanding of the climate crisis and to take an individual role to protect our planet, today. Be sure to stay tuned for brief upcoming posts in the Green Pixel series!

Warming Stripes

Climate scientist Ed Hawkins created the Warming Stripes to visualize the long-term rise in global temperatures caused by human activities like burning fossil fuels.

Warming Stripes graphics represent the change in temperature over the last 100+ years. Each stripe represents one year, and the color corresponds to temperature. Red stripes are years above a long-term average temperature and blue stripes are years below.

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