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This is the tea in 50 words or less.

Missing Stickers



It’s been over three weeks since the passing of a special bearded dragon. Feeling the loss is tough and I still can’t bear to see Netflix movie suggestions of flicks he liked to watch.

Miss you so much Stickers 😪. You were the coolest!

Deprecating Live Tweets


I’m deprecating my real live tweets on Twitter. Twitter will only get RSS breadcrumbs until their bad faith actors and management are deprecated. HeresThaTea blogs are my 50 words or less tweet replacements.

And that’s the tea.

Deprecating Twitter


Starting Aug 16, Twitter will start breaking 3rd party Twitter apps.

@TwitterAPI Get your priorities straight. Deprecate hate and racism. Support creativity and your real users. ~ @tverschoren

I stopped Tweeting over Alex Jones. When Tweetbot is broken, I will deprecate more of my Twitter usage.