Blogging is our part of the conversation. It’s often a response to listening or reading items that we want to share. For a business, it is part of your SEO strategy. Mostly, it is how others hear our story.

What Goes Into A Blog Post

It's not just the text you see. Copywriting is one component and arguably the most important. However, there are other crucial things that the person who publishes your blog should…

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Write Paragraphs For The Web

Paragraph Suggestions

Paragraphs help writers to order and organise their thoughts, give the reader 'rest points' as they work through the text and provide us entry and exit points into documents – shortcuts for navigating around text. On the web, a smaller paragraph is best.


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Ello Vs Medium

I’m focussing on these two communities because of their freshness and ability to provide an alternative blogging experience outside of a hand-rolled solution such as WordPress. They are easy to quickly set-up while offering another spot to spread your brand story.


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