Rescuing Snow White

A Better Snow White
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From Mediocrity

Any story can be told. However, it takes a willingness to grow it in new directions to rescue it from mediocrity.

Because we enjoy a well told story that stands out from the rest, TeazMedia specializes in rounding out conversations with a few pixels and characters. We like to retell stories while blending them in their own unique way – with an experience that is not quickly forgotten.
Give us a chance to join the quest and rescue your Snow White. The story of Snow White does not have to be retold the same way over and over again. Why can’t it grow into something endearing and unique for today’s audience? Why can’t your story be different too?
We’d like to help answer that question.
Feel free to contact TeazMedia for your social media needs and website design projects. Maybe, together, we can explore a better way to share your story.

Starting small – ending with a bigger impression.

Once upon a time … in a Twitterverse near you …

A hashtag was born.