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Contact Teaneedz (JohnC)

Contact Me Did I miss you when I passed out my business card? Here's my updated contact information. Feel free to email, tweet or Wickr me if you'd like some…

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No Pixel Too Small

Or Conversation Too Short It’s 2014 and maybe you’ve been eyeing your website wondering how to make it pop or become more of a conversation starter. Maybe there are just…

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Screen Watching With Class

Staring At A Screen My advice when a site is stacked (visually vertical layout) rather than horizontal : Steep some tea leaves and ask if you have the right class.…

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Saturday Class

Classy Weekend

What does a geek do on a Saturday night? Be a nerd.

I was supposed to go to a Karaoke (Would that have been the nerdy part?), but instead was head deep in a site refresh. It wasn’t even that much of a design change. But the back-end … or I guess the front-end in my world, involved a complete framework and mindset change. Ohhh boy.


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Rounding My View with Skeuomorphism

Skeuomorphism Is Not A Flat View

Sometimes I believe that many of today’s designers are pretty good at listening to other designers, but really bad at hearing or knowing users. Sometimes designs spring from a bubble (round, yes) but end up flat.


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