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Airmail for iOS Does Not Display Image Attachments Correctly

This is a critical usage bug.

I really love the customization of Airmail and it is superior to other email apps for iOS for this alone. There are enough other reviews out there to learn more about those things.

This is really just my one gripe review, but one which is critical enough to affect usage and result in miscommunication – something no email client these days should do.


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Twitter is fully in crash and burn mode

It burns from the inside, from the CEO down.

Advertisers like the new timeline, if Twitter can pull it off

One advertising executive who is familiar with the test run of the new feature said the company does not seem have the technical capabilities to pull off the algorithm. Tweets show up seemingly arbitrarily, and the system tends to skip over long gaps of time.

Twitter wants you to see the 'best' tweets first | Technology | The Guardian


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