UX Matters — it just does. Too many large websites and brands fail to understand that UX lives beyond the screen.

How Cards Break UX

Designers need to stop and really look at the often horrible state of cards as used almost everywhere on the web and in apps.

From Google, Twitter and almost any hand-rolled website there are designers who think that they are on the bleeding edge of UX. They've preached the benefits of cards — those boxes of content wrapped in often rectangular boxes of padding and borders — for so long, that everyone believes it's the chosen path of UI.


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QA is Dead – Find A Sherpa

Where are the UX Sherpas?

Quality Ambassador

I like this one. Quality is not the sole responsibility of a QA. If the whole team doesn’t take quality seriously, the release of new features will always be delayed (or worse, buggy software gets released). Your job is to help the whole team own the quality of the work. The best QAs I’ve worked with have been able to inspire the whole team to care about quality. They work closely with others to share their knowledge and prod others to pick up habits that help improve the quality of their work


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