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Ello Vs Medium

I’m focussing on these two communities because of their freshness and ability to provide an alternative blogging experience outside of a hand-rolled solution such as WordPress. They are easy to quickly set-up while offering another spot to spread your brand story.

As Seen Through Social Media on September 08, 2015 at 07:39AM

The fact that @NicoleArbour considers herself a comedian is the only thing truly offensive about this situation – Seen On Twitter

Fat shaming is offensive

I'm just a regular dude, but find Nicole Arbour's fat shaming video controversy well deserved.

You don't use social media this way, Nicole. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and I for one am glad that there's variety.

Here's a hashtag Nicole that you and your fans might not like. It's going viral though for a reason – and it's about time.