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The Algorithmic News Feed Problem

And The Filter Bubble

Facebook has been at the center of fake news stories and the resulting negative PR because its entire business model depends on and supports ad tech.

Ad money relies on views and clicks. So the more Facebook users “Like”, react and engage with content in the news feed, the more data gets fed into Facebook’s algorithms which are designed to put “engaging” posts and content in front of users. In other words, a filter bubble is naturally created to feed users with content that they believe in or support. Biases, prejudices and fake news get thrown into the mix if the algos think you’ll engage with it.

Stop Using Link Shorteners

Stop Obscuring Your Brand

We are at the end of 2016 and this is my free tip to everyone – a repeat one to be exact. If you want to share a URL (from your blog or website perhaps) and your workflow involves using a link shortening service (such as, or another) – STOP.

Twitter Fails Because It Chases The Wrong Opinions

It works for those who prune and pick without a care about follower counts.

I'm unsure exactly what's happening inside of Twitter these days or how the power flows, but one thing is clear, Twitter picked the wrong people to please.

Someone wants Twitter to become Facebook. They think that algorithms will make Twitter more attractive to new users. They think they have the right solutions to Twitter's growth problems.

You Can’t Please Everyone Twitter, But Please The Right People!