Blogging is our part of the conversation. It’s often a response to listening or reading items that we want to share. For a business, it is part of your SEO strategy. Mostly, it is how others hear our story.

Is It Time To Ditch Link Shorteners?

Lately, I have second thoughts whenever I click on a link that is wrapped up by a link shortener. We see them plastered across the web and Twitterverse in the form of (bitly), (Buffer), (Pocket), (Hootsuite), (Twitter), (Google), and a Middle-earth’s variety of others. One never quite knows where these Gollum links will take us at first glance or even how long the quest will be to the final destination link.


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#hashtags In Blog Titles

Should I Include Hashtags In My Blog Title?

This is mostly a test to see what happens when this post is shared on social media.

Remember a hashtag is simply a hash/pound symbol preceding a word that is often hyperlinked by a platform so that it’s easier for someone to click it and see other posts (yours and others) that use the same hashtag.


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Markdown Changes WYSIWYG To WYSIWEWG

# This Is A Header <h1>

This is a paragraph <p>. See the blank lines above and below this paragraph?

## This Is Another Header <h2>

Here is some plain text with an *emphasized phrase*. See the asterisks?

### An Image Is Worth One Thousand Words And An <h3>

Maybe an image needs to be added here. I can do it with ![alt text here](URL here "title here").

> A blockquote <blockquote> is easy enough with that right angle bracket.

### Coding

    A block of code can be achieved with a tab or 4 spaces. Even inline code snippets can be accomplished 
    with `backticks`.


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