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Blogging is our part of the conversation. It’s often a response to listening or reading items that we want to share. For a business, it is part of your SEO strategy. Mostly, it is how others hear our story.

Open A Text Editor For Markdown

Much of my content is produced from within an Apple or UNIX environment. If you use Windows or Android just remember that any text editor that allows you to save.txt files will work for writing content in Markdown. The file though should be saved so that it ends in .md or .markdown. I think that .md is more prevalent though and better since it's shorter.

Write Once, Post Anywhere

Write Markdown

Write smart!

If you frequently write stuff (content) that is shared to a blog, email newsletter, social media platform or anyplace that might appear on the web you might find this short course (broken up into even shorter following segments) useful. This series is designed to share some tips that save me time so that I'm writing smarter by streamlining my writing and posting experience.


Now IF

First IFTTT made my life easier with it's plethora of automation recipes, but now it's become a fetish source for reducing screen taps even more with three new apps – Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note.

Is It Time To Ditch Link Shorteners?

Lately, I have second thoughts whenever I click on a link that is wrapped up by a link shortener. We see them plastered across the web and Twitterverse in the form of (bitly), (Buffer), (Pocket), (Hootsuite), (Twitter), (Google), and a Middle-earth’s variety of others. One never quite knows where these Gollum links will take us at first glance or even how long the quest will be to the final destination link.