My Quick Visit To Firefox 22

I Want To Believe With some of the great things being written about Firefox 22 (see Tom's Hardware Benchmarking), I thought Firefox 22 might be worth a looksie, maybe even…

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Read Receipts Off

Read Receipts, Always Off

When a product gives me the option to turn off Read Receipts, to notify me if a message has been “read”, I will keep it off. When a product forces this feature, I will not use it.


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Flat or Skeu?

Flat Design A design reemergence that removes things such as shadows, bevels and other details in order to achieve a 2-dimensional look. Not a new approach, but it's one that…

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#hashtags In Blog Titles

Should I Include Hashtags In My Blog Title?

This is mostly a test to see what happens when this post is shared on social media.

Remember a hashtag is simply a hash/pound symbol preceding a word that is often hyperlinked by a platform so that it’s easier for someone to click it and see other posts (yours and others) that use the same hashtag.


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