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Yes, Instagram Wants To Sell Your Photos

User Experience and Privacy Thrown Under the Bus

When I discovered that Instagram was implementing changes in their Terms of Service I was glad that I never jumped on this particular bandwagon. Companies are allowed to change their ToS, but this change was such a bad one, in my opinion, for users.

Markdown Changes WYSIWYG To WYSIWEWG

# This Is A Header <h1>

This is a paragraph <p>. See the blank lines above and below this paragraph?

## This Is Another Header <h2>

Here is some plain text with an *emphasized phrase*. See the asterisks?

### An Image Is Worth One Thousand Words And An <h3>

Maybe an image needs to be added here. I can do it with ![alt text here](URL here "title here").

> A blockquote <blockquote> is easy enough with that right angle bracket.

### Coding

    A block of code can be achieved with a tab or 4 spaces. Even inline code snippets can be accomplished 
    with `backticks`.